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The Seapods music lives on and the mutation is as strong as ever. Check out Dana’s new album It’s Never Nine O’clock In This Town on all music media. Rumor has it Max and Dana are discussing a new Seapods album in 2024.


Prepare yourselves for an unforgettable night of music, magic, and mayhem at Circus of the Dead! This summer, we're bringing you a mind-blowing lineup that will make your heart race, your feet dance, and your soul soar. Don't miss out on the jam band event of the year, where legends and rising stars collide for an unparalleled musical experience! Circus of the Dead at Lee's Park (Keller Williams, Vinnie Amico Presents Uncle Vins Band, Kung Fu) 🌟 Headliners: 🎸 Keller Williams – The one-man jam band phenomenon known for his genre-defying sets and masterful musicianship. Get ready for a performance that will leave you breathless! 🎷 Kung Fu – The funk-fusion maestros who deliver high-energy shows filled with jaw-dropping solos and infectious grooves. Their live act is an electrifying journey you won't want to miss! 🥁 Uncle Vin's Band – Featuring Vinnie Amico, Nate Wilson, and Al Schnier from moe.., Marc Brownstein of The Disco Biscuits, and Max Verna of The Ominous Seapods. This extraordinary supergroup promises a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration that will blow your mind and leave you craving more! Prepare to be amazed by a show that boasts the highest standards of national-level production, with state-of-the-art sound systems, mesmerizing light shows, and stunning visual effects from 4Life Entertainment & Technology Solutions Inc. But that’s not all – at Circus of the Dead, we’re also celebrating community-based art experiences. Engage with local artists, participate in interactive art installations, and explore a vibrant marketplace filled with unique crafts and creations.